The Colombo Plan Celebrates 73 years of Collaboration and Impact!

1 July 2024 marked the 73rd anniversary of The Colombo Plan and was commemorated on 4 July 2024 with great enthusiasm at the Sheraton Hotel, Colombo. Ambassadors and dignitaries representing many member countries gathered to reaffirm commitment to regional cooperation and sustainable development.

The celebration also marked a special milestone: the launch of the Training of Trainers (ToT) on Dignified Menstruation. This five-day training, a collaboration between The Colombo Plan and the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation (GSCDM), aimed to empower trainers to advocate for menstrual equity and freedom from discrimination across all gender identities.

23 individuals from 13 countries, including Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, US, UK, Sweden, South Korea, Sudan, Rwanda, France, Switzerland, the Philippines, and the Netherlands participated in the ToT on Dignified Menstruation, and also graced the anniversary celebrations of the Colombo Plan. The diverse backgrounds of the ToT delegates added a vibrant flair to the anniversary celebrations, especially as some represented non-member countries.

The Secretary-General, H.E. Dr Benjamin P. Reyes, in his opening remarks stated that Colombo Plan strives to, “serve as an effective platform for the dissemination of knowledge and improved interventions aligned with the international, regional and local policies and programmes.” He also emphasized that the ToT on Dignified Menstruation is in line with Goal 5 of the SDGs which is to empower and end all forms of discrimination against all women and girls.

Radha Paudel, Founder of GSCDM shared how global gender equality and social inclusion policies do not address discrimination related to menstruation and menopause at home, school, community, workplace and government institutions. She went on to stress on the urgency to endorse dignified menstruation in a transformative and inclusive manner across all sectors and programmes.

Over the years, The Colombo Plan has accumulated extensive experience and technical expertise, adapting its roles and functions to meet evolving social and developmental priorities. The Colombo Plan remains a catalyst for partnerships and progress, fostering enduring friendships and initiatives that transcend borders. Here's to the next chapter of collaboration and impactful endeavours!
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