About DAP

At the 23rd Consultative Committee Meeting of the Colombo Plan in Wellington, New Zealand in 1973, the establishment of the Drug Advisory Programme (DAP) was proposed to address the growing drug menace in the region. The Colombo Plan readily embraced this development.

DAP is the only regional intergovernmental programme exclusively aimed at capacity building for drug demand reduction in the Asia and Pacific Region. During the last three decades, the DAP has assisted member counties in initiating the process of policy evolution, in finding appropriate solutions on a bilateral and/or multilateral basis and in encouraging national efforts among member countries towards drug demand reduction.

Since its inception, DAP has focused on responding to the changing needs of member countries that face multi-faceted problems in regards to illicit drug production, trafficking, and abuse. DAP has embarked on several innovative strategies in six arms.

CPDAP Networks:
  1. Prevention
  2. Youth
  3. Treatment and Rehabilitation
  4. Special Services for Children
  5. Supply Reduction and Law Enforcement
  6. Curriculum Development and Credentialing
  7. Expert /Advisory
  8. Publications
The services in these networks are also extended to non-member countries, keeping up with the Colombo Plan mandate of self-help and mutual-help in development.