"Gender Roles in the Modern Family" Vietnam Women’s Academy – by VWU and Colombo Plan

On October 9th, 2020 Colombo Plan’s newly established partnership with Vietnam was instituted in a follow on conference in Hanoi, Vietnam titled “Gender Roles in the Modern Family” where Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Phan Kieu Thu, CP’s Secretary General, delivered a talk on the current status of gender roles and the challenges dealt within the family unit.  H.E. Ambassador Dr. Phan Kieu Thu, discussed the pivotal role of the modern family, debating the role of men and women and how they are socialized and depicted in different dimensions, influenced through cultural norms as well as demographically from region to region. Men and women are categorized either as “masculine” or “feminine”.  Within various societies, these socialized acts define the differences between male and female attributes. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that primarily gender roles and its socialization are nurtured first and foremost within the family culture.

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Phan Kieu Thu, Secretary General, stated, that “The Colombo Plan’s Gender Affairs Program in collaboration with the Vietnam Women’s Union have come together to underline and demonstrate our commitment to this issue and to discuss on the importance of how effectively we could enhance and develop equality and unity within the prevailing modern-day family.  We all can agree that the ever changing gender roles in our society influences the lifestyle of a modern family, particularly the children.”

Since the beginning of time, gender roles has portrayed a pivotal part in the make-up of society. Furthermore, the conference brought together students and faculty of the Gender Academy supported through Vietnam Women’s Union with contributions from Colombo Plan. Distinguished guests included Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trần Quang Tiến – President, Vietnam Women’s Academy, Dr. Dương Kim Anh, the Vice President of Vietnam Women’s Academy, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vũ Mạnh Lợi - Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Dr. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thủy, Deputy Director of the Institute of Women’s Studies at the Vietnam Women’s’ Academy. The conference introduced both in person and online for those guests not able to travel to Hanoi. Papers and participation from Colombo Plan member nations, including Bangladesh, and Afghanistan among others were shared.  

The following themes, papers and discussions took place on the issue at hand:

Session 1: Empowering Women in the Family

Session 2: Performing Economic Functions in Modern Families

Session 3: Gender roles in child care, education and protection

Session 4: Law and Policy Promoting Gender Equality in the Family

Distinguished participation on the theme of the conference was adopted and lectured by the following officials:

H.E Amb. Dr. Phan Kieu ThuSecretary General, The Colombo Plan, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Nguyễn Thị DoanFormer Vice President of Vietnam President of Vietnam Association for Study Promotion
Phạm Thị Trân ChâuPresident of the Vietnam Women's Intellectual Association
Bà Lê Thị Khánh VânVice President of the Vietnam Women's Intellectual Association
Bà Nguyễn Thị HồiFormer Director, General Secretary of the National Commission for UNESCO
Bà Trần Bích LoanDeputy Director of Gender Equality Department - Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs
RepresentativeCommittee on Social Affairs of the National Assembly
RepresentativePropaganda Department Central  
RepresentativeVietnam Association of Women Entrepreneurs
Bộ Văn hóa, TTFamily Department, Ministry of Culture and Information
Cục Trẻ em, Bộ LĐTB&XHDepartment of Children, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs
Cục Việc làm, Bộ LĐTB&XHDepartment of Employment, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs
PresidentVietnam Women’s Union
Vice PresidentVietnam Women’s Union
OfficialsVietnam Women’s Union
Lecturers, StaffVietnam Women’s Academy


Representative from International organization (online and offline) (40)

RepresentativeSri Lanka Embassy in Vietnam
Vũ Phương LyUN Women
Lê Kim DungCare International
RepresentativeActionAid Việt Nam
RepresentativeUNDP Việt Nam
RepresentativeCARD, the Philippines
RepresentativeAustralian Volunteers International in Vietnam
RepresentativeSolidarity Center, AFL-CIO
Experts and staffsThe Colombo Plan
Elizabeth DewiIndonesia University
Professor John WinterdykMount Royal University, Canada
Rie Okamura and Yasuko SasakiOchanomizu University
Experts and lecturersKorean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education
RepresentativeJICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency in Vietnam
LecturersAsian Institute of Technology, Thailand
LecturersKorean Women's Development Institute
Prof. Ramona MihailaDimitrie Cantemir University, Rumania
Masako TanakaFaculty of Global Studies Sophia University Tokyo, JAPAN
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