Pilot Test and Training of Trainers on Advanced Level UTC

Pilot_Test_29 Feb_9 March_2016

Pilot_Test_29 Feb_9 March_2016Driven by the need to evaluate the quality and usability of training manual content and to identify possible content gaps, pilot test of advanced Level UTC, Course 9: Pharmacology and SUD; Course 10: Medication Assisted Treatment Programs; and, Course 15: Skills for Managing Co-occurring Disorders UTC courses and the training of trainers was conducted from 29 February – 9 March 2016 at Dubai, UAE.

Pilot testing is a crucial step in determining possible content gaps that need to be addressed on the final revision of the manuals and is the third in the seven steps process of curriculum development. During the training, global master trainers worked collaboratively through open discussions, and sharing information and feedback.

At the beginning of the training, the Curriculum Development Coordinator for ICCE- Ms. Winona Pandan, welcomed the facilitators and global master trainers to the pilot test and training. Ms. Pandan highlighted the significance of each step to ensure the standard and quality of the training materials being developed and emphasised the important role of experience and expertise of the participants during this process.

The pilot test and training of trainers was facilitated by Ms. Shirley Mikell of SME Consulting, LLP and Dr. Martha Hurley of Texas University A&M University Commerce, USA. Once the training commenced, comments from the participants were received on every page and slide content. This was a helpful mean of compiling recommendations as the issues on information were discussed and suggestions were generated immediately. Towards the later part of the discussions, the trainers were assigned to groups for revision of courses 9 and 10.

In conclusion, the pilot test and training of trainers met its objectives successfully.  The feedback and recommendations shared by the participants would be surely noteworthy for the enhancement of the manual content.


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