ICCE Conducts a Tailoring Visit to Mongolia


On 31 October – 1 November 2016, ICCE trainer, Ms. Cindy Biding, conducted a tailoring visit to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to implement needs assessment and meet with stakeholders to establish a foundation for the ICCE training initiative in the country. The site visit to one of the treatment centers, included into the agenda, provided a deeper insight into substance use disorders treatment system in the country.

During the first meeting with Ms. Nasantsengel, Director General of the National Mental Health Center, doctors and professors from the National Medical University, Ms. Biding presented an overview of Colombo Plan ICCE and its initiatives with an emphasis on training, credentialing and ICCE fellowships. The separate follow up discussion with Ms. Nasantsengel and her colleagues focused on the upcoming training initiative and required logistical preparation.all 2nd New

In order to respond to the country’s need in trained addiction treatment workforce, ICCE will embark on the Training of National Trainers on Basic Level Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use (UTC). The National Mental Health Center was suggested as a training venue. The selection process will be held to ensure that candidates meet ICCE standard requirements for National Trainer status and represent a diverse stakeholder community, including clinical treatment field, law and criminal justice system workforce, the Drug Division of the National Police, the social work and education workforce.

The launch of the initiative determines the need for translation of the ICCE training curriculum into Mongolian language and its adaptation to the country’s context. Ms. Nasantsengel assured that National Mental Health Center would provide support by engaging a few doctors to translate the fist two courses of the curriculum to speed up the translation process and facilitate the start of the training.

Ms. Biding’s visit agenda also included important meetings with following stakeholders: the Head of Secretariat for the Crime Prevention Coordination Commission, Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs, the focal point representative at the Drug Division of the Criminal Police, National Police Agency and the representative of the Law Enforcement University. The discussions aimed to brief the parties on the upcoming training initiative as well to increase its feasibility by enhancing the stakeholders’ engagement in its planning and implementation. The Law Enforcement University was offered for ICCE consideration as an option for the training venue.

ICCE will ensure that all stakeholders will work together to ensure the quality planning and implementation of the initiative tentatively scheduled to be launched at the end of March – early April 2017.



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