Frequently Asked Questions

Asian Centre for Certification and Education of Addiction Professionals and Drug Advisory Programme

All the CPDAP up-coming programmes and related-activities can be found in Calendar of events in the FOCUS, quarterly publication of the Colombo Plan Secretariat which is regularly sent to the national focal point of each member country. Likewise, the same can be seen by visiting the Colombo Plan website: or you can contact national drug focal point for information

Category 1:
Participants are provided with return airfare on economy class, conference package, twin-sharing accommodation, airport transfer, free registration and a small daily allowance to cover other expenses.

Category 2:
Participants are provided with conference package, twin-sharing accommodation, airport transfer, and free registration.

Category 3:
Self-sponsorship participants.

All applications to the CPDAP programmes must be endorsed by the CPDAP National Focal Point in their respective countries. After selection in accordance with the criteria given in the invitation letter, the CPDAP will send an acceptance letter to the national drug focal point informing the applicant was approved to participate.

For Category 1 participant, the CPDAP will ask participant to send airfare quotation for comparison and approval. Most likely, the lowest quotation will be issued to the participant. In case the participant purchases the ticket from their home country, they have to submit original receipt and a copy of the air ticket to receive reimbursement from the CPDAP during the event.

The acceptance letter, invitation letter and other related documents from CPDAP will be used to apply for visa in the respective countries. For other specific documents, participant can ask from the drug national focal point or direct contact to the CPDAP.

Programme for Private Sector Development

The Programme for Private Sector Development (PPSD) established in 1995, promotes the development of private sector, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by building up the capacity of the relevant officials who are responsible for industrial development, SMEs development and entrepreneurship development. The Programme`s scope covers technology transfer, business management and sharing of best practices, trade liberalization, World Trade Organization and trade issues and industrialization policy.

Persons from the Colombo Plan member countries are eligible to apply the training programmes offered by the Colombo Plan.The Colombo Plan will circulate the invitation for the training programmes to the national focal point of member countries. The National Focal Points are responsible to circulate the training offers as widely as possible. All training notifications could also be downloaded from the Colombo plan website. However, applications must be endorsed by the national focal point.  Participants should fulfill the following requirements:

(i) Applicants must be endorsed by their Governments National Focal Point;
(ii) Have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent;
(iii) Applicants must be fluent in English;
(iv) Applicants must be middle to senior level officers;
(v) Applicants must be medically fit for overseas training; and
(vi) Other specific requirements by the training institute (will be include in the training notification).

Yes. However, application should be made through the national focal point of member countries. Only nominations endorsed by the National Focal Points will be selected including participants from non-government organizations.

Yes. Participants should obtain for visas before departure.

The Colombo Plan Secretariat will coordinate with the hosting agency for arrangement of the visa on arrival.

The national focal points contact details can be downloaded from the Colombo Plan website (

Programme for Public Administration & Environment (PPA/ENV)

Basically applicant need to be from a Colombo Plan developing member country and his application must be endorsed by the Colombo Plan focal point in the respective countries.

You can download the application form from the CP website and forward it to the CP focal point in your country. CP does not accept any application directly from the applicants.

Short term programme duration may vary from 2 days to one month.

Applicant should be a public servant, with experience in the relevant field, within the required age limit, good English proficiency and in good health condition.

The Colombo Plan will bear the cost of air fare and per diem while the training partner will bear the course fee and the accommodation in the host country.

Long Term Scholarship Programme

The LTSP is open to all citizen of Colombo Plan member countries provided the applicant complied to all application requirement and endorsed by Colombo Plan national focal point in their own countries.

Those who have completed their first degree, who has working experience in 3-5 years in the relevant field, does not possess other masters degree, have valid IELTS band 6 or TOEFL 5.5 test score, good health condition and below 45 yrs of age during application. Some universities may have additional requirement for full admission.

You can apply for the LTSP when the notification is made by the Colombo Plan national focal points of member countries. All applications must be endorsed and sent through the national focal point to the Colombo Plan Secretariat before application dateline.

The LTSP only caters for Master’s degree programme in specific areas as offered by member countries universities or institutions of higher learning. The main areas of the courses are Public Policy, Strategy and Diplomacy, Social Sciences, Agriculture, IT Management, International law, etc. Please refer to our website for details.