About PPA

The Programme for Public Administration (PPA) was established in 1995, following the revitalization of the Colombo Plan’s structure and areas of focus. The primary objective of this programme is to develop human capital in the public sector of the Colombo Plan`s developing member countries, through short-term training programmes in prioritized areas such as Public Governance, IT Management, Strategic Management, International Relations Empowering Women Poverty Reduction, Project Management, Economic Planning & Management, Teacher Training, Research in Biotechnology and Sustainable Environment Management.

The PPA has established good partnerships with centers of excellence and agencies in member countries as well as intergovernmental organizations to deliver relevant and up-to-date training programmes on relevant critical issues of development and management. PPA targeted participants are middle level to senior level public officials, many of whom hold key positions in both public and private sectors in their respective countries. Since 1995 until now, PPA has trained more than 1,652 beneficiaries from developing Colombo Plan member countries.

The Programme for Public Administration activities are implemented in collaboration with Colombo Plan partner agencies from our member countries namely, the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP), Indian Millennium Fund, Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme Singapore Technical Cooperation Directorate and the government of Indonesia.