About Environment Program

The Colombo Plan Environment Program is collaborating with its member countries in implementing environmentally beneficial programs to help people to build a better environment for the future. 

Activities Implemented
    • The “Green Concert” (December, 2018)
    • “One Child One Tree” campaign in Sri Lanka (since June 2018)
    • International Workshop on Environment and Climate Change in New Delhi, India
      (April 2018)
    • Training on Waste Management and Renewable Energy for CP member countries in South Korea (July 2017)
    • International training course on Environment Audit (February – March 2015)
    • Training course on Bio Medical Waste Management in India (October 2013)
    • Training course on Climate Change Adaptation in Thailand (August 2013)
    • Training course on Life Cycle Impact Assessment for Environmental Management in Thailand (May 2012)
    • Training course on Climate Change, Energy and Environment in Singapore (2012)
Upcoming Events
    • “One Child One Tree” campaign in Vietnam (April 2019)

Officially launch of “One Child One Tree” campaign in Sri Lanka during the 67th Anniversary of the Colombo Plan (29 June, 2018) 

 Implementing “One Child One Tree” campaign in the Elizabeth Moir School (September, 2018)

Implementing “One Child One Tree” campaign in Anuradhapura district, Sri Lanka (October, 2018)

Colombo Plan Secretary General performs at the “Green Concert” in Mirigama, Sri Lanka (22 December, 2018)